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Good morning and happy Friday!

It’s the last day of the week and not too late to make it a winner as a whole. Did you have any setbacks this week? I did. And it got me thinking this morning about how a setback is really only an obstacle that prevents us from following through on plans we’d made previously. It’s like construction on the way to the game—we might take a detour OR side streets, but we’re still going to get to the game—as long as we keep heading in that direction!!

Obstacles don’t mean we have to lose momentum. Staying positively focused on the feeling of achieving what we set out to do can keep us feeling happy and enthusiastic about what we can achieve today—forget about yesterday (cause it’s over, Pal)! And it’s all about today. 🎼Friday. I’m in love.
#TBT from last year!

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I used to write my character bio as its own word processing document. Then, for a while I tried to create/use a wiki. I’ve tried all sorts of things. But I haven’t found the right app or workflow that feels the way I envision it feeling.

😃 It’s posted! Watch the latest collab between @uketeacher and me. It’s up on YouTube—watch, comment, share and (hopefully) like it! We both appreciate your support!

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